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Kimberley Visions

Rock art style provinces in northern Australia

2016 - 2022

Project Overview

The project aims to combine high resolution rock art and excavation data from the NE Kimberley, providing a critical link in the Kimberley-Arnhem Land nexus


Peter Veth.JPG

Peter Veth

Lead Chief Investigator
2016 - 2017

Leslie Zubieta

Chief Investigator
Sven Ouzman.jpg

Sven Ouzman

Lead Chief Investigator
2017 - 2022
Andy Gleadow.jpg

Andy Gleadow

Chief Investigator
Martin Porr.jpg

Martin Porr

Chief Investigator
Bruno David.jpg

Bruno David

Chief Investigator

Research Staff

Sam Harper.png

Sam Harper

Project Manager
2016 - 2021
Lucia Clayton.jpg

Lucia Clayton

Project Manager
Mid 2019 - Early 2020


The Kimberley Visions Project (LP150100490) is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project between Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation, Monash University, the University of Melbourne, the Kimberley Foundation Australia, Western Australia’s Department of Parks and Wildlife, Dunkeld Pastoral and the Centre for Rock Art Research and Management (CRAR+M) at the University of Western Australia (UWA). 

Project Updates

Project Outputs

David, B., Delannoy, J-J., Petchey, F., Huntley, J., Gunn, R., Veth, P., ... Wong, V. 2019, 'Dating painting events through by-products of ochre processing: Borologa 1 Rockshelter, Kimberley, Australia', Australian Archaeology, vol 85(1), pp. 57-94.

Veth, P., Ditchfield, K., Bateman, M., Ouzman, S., Benoit, M., Motta, A. P., ... Aboriginal Corporation, B. 2019, 'Minjiwarra: archaeological evidence of human occupation of Australia’s northern Kimberley by 50,000 BP', Australian Archaeology, vol. 85(2), pp. 115-125.

Gunn, R., David, B., Douglas, L., Delannoy, J-J., Harper, S., Heaney, P., ... Veth, P. 2019, ‘Kimberley Stout figures’: a new rock art style for Kimberley rock art, North-Western Australia', Australian Archaeology, vol. 85(2), pp. 151-169.

Motta, A. P. 2019, 'From Top Down Under: New Insights into the Social Significance of Superimpositions in the Rock Art of Northern Kimberley, Australia', Cambridge Archaeological Journal, vol. 29(3), pp. 479-495.

Veth, P., Myers, C., Heaney, P., & Ouzman, S. 2018, 'Plants before farming: The deep history of plant-use and representation in the rock art of Australia's Kimberley region', Quaternary International, vol. 489, pp. 26-45.

Ouzman, S., Veth, P., Myers, C., Heaney, P., & Kenneally, K. 2017, 'Plants before animals? Aboriginal rock art as evidence of ecoscaping in Australia’s Kimberley', in B. David, & I. McNiven (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art Oxford University Press.

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