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Burrup Field School

2009 -

Project Overview

The Burrup Field School is a unit offered at The University of Western Australia to train undergraduate students in the rock art methodology deployed by CRAR+M researchers.



Jo McDonald

UWA Team Leader
Peter Veth.JPG

Peter Veth

UWA Team Leader

Sarah de Koning

UWA Team Leader
ken mulvaney.jpg

Ken Mulvaney

Rio Tinto Team Leader

Emma Beckett

UWA Team Leader
Victoria Anderson.jpg

Victoria Wade

UWA Team Leader
Sam Harper.jpg

Sam Harper

UWA Team Leader


The Burrup Field School is funded by contributions from the Rio Tinto Conservation Agreement and Rio Tinto - UWA MOU in collaboration with the Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation.

This field school has been active since 2008 under the guidance of Ken Mulvaney (Rio Tinto Principal Heritage Advisor for Murujuga).

Project Updates

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