Our Staff 

Jo McDonald | Director

Professor Jo McDonald holds the Rio Tinto Chair in Rock Art Studies (2012–2017; 2019–). Jo completed an ARC Future Fellowship (2011–2016) on rock art, social and environmental change in the Western Desert (Australia) and the Great Basin (USA). She is currently working in the Pilbara developing a series of rock art projects with different Aboriginal communities.

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Alistair Paterson

Professor Alistair Paterson is an ARC Future Fellow in Archaeology at The University of Western Australia. His research examines the historical archaeology of colonial coastal contact and settlement in Australia’s North West and the Indian Ocean.

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Sven Ouzman

Dr Sven Ouzman is an archaeologist who specialises in rock art, graffiti, heritage politics, Indigenous knowledge, intellectual property issues, landscape, creolisation and cross-cultural contact, monuments, origins, and understandings of time. 

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Sarah de Koning

Sarah de Koning is the Database and Communications Officer for CRAR+M. She specialises in data management and designing recording forms.

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Joakim Goldhahn

Professor Joakim Goldhahn is the Kimberley Foundation Ian Potter Chair in Rock Art. 

He conducts research in Kimberley and western Arnhem Land in Australian as well as in northern Europe.

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Martin Porr

Professor Martin Porr has published widely on Palaeolithic art and archeology as well as general theoretical aspects of archaeological and rock art research. He teaches archaeology at undergraduate and honours level.

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Peter Veth

Professor Peter Veth is a leading archaeologist who has carried out research and management throughout Australia, Island South East Asia and remote Polynesia.

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Benjamin Smith

Professor Benjamin W Smith is
 Professor of World Rock Art in Archaeology at The University of Western Australia; Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education; President of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for Rock Art.

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