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Postgraduate Students

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Victoria Anderson

Rock art of the Holocene marine transgression on the Dampier Archipelago

Supervised by: Jo McDonald, Peter Veth, Alistair Paterson, and Ken Mulvaney (external)

Marine Benoit.jpg

Marine Benoit

Investigation of socio-cultural similarities and differences in Balanggarra Country’s stone tools assemblages during the Holocene (northeast Kimberley, Western Australia).

Supervised by: Peter Veth, Martin Porr, Jane Balme, and Jacques Pelegrin (external)


Emily Grey

People, Plants, and Paintings: A relational ecology of the human-environment interface in North-east Kimberley rock art, Australia

Supervised by: Martin Porr, Sven Ouzman, Jo McDonald, and Kevin Kenneally (external)


Mariangela Lanza

Understanding human mobility and residence behaviour in Australia’s northeast Kimberley during Late Pleistocene and Holocene. A geospatial analysis of rock art and archaeological sites' distribution patterns.

Supervised by: Sven Ouzman, Peter Veth, and Thomas Whitley (external)


Patrick Morrison

Voyaging in Murujuga: A Study of Holocene Maritime Culture and Climate

Supervised by: Jo McDonald, Mick O’Leary, and Ian Goodwin

Recently Completed


Beckett, E. PhD Thesis, Contextualising Murujuga Stone Structures: Dampier Archipelago

Supervisors: Jo McDonald

Clayton, L. PhD Thesis, Contextualising Great Basin Rock Art. A spatial and stylistic analysis of Volcanic Tableland rock art. Supervisors: Jo McDonald

Motta, A. PhD Thesis, Animals into humans’:  Multispecies encounters, relational ontologies, and social identity in Indigenous rock art from northeast Kimberley, Australia, during the Pleistocene. 


Mayer, L. PhD Thesis, Authenticity in 3D: immersive rock art replicas in cultural tourism and heritage.
Supervisors: Benjamin Smith and Jo McDonald.


Blunt, Z. Honours Thesis, Sea Level Rise and Islandisation: How did the reconfiguration of Murujuga’s Holocene landscape influence Indigenous people’s occupation and resource exploitation on Enderby and Rosemary Islands?

Supervisors: Jane Balme and Jo McDonald.

Burcham, A. Honours Thesis, A 'Share in the Place': The isolated frontier settlement of West Lewis Island, Dampier Archipelago, Western Australia. 
Supervisors: Alistair Paterson and Jo McDonald.

Morrison, P. Honours Thesis, The Geoarchaeology of a Submerged Aboriginal Site in the Intertidal Zone of
Dolphin Island, Murujuga.

Supervisor: Jo McDonald.

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