Dating Murujuga's Dreaming


Project Overview

This project will bring innovative science to understand the age of the rock art and stone features of Murujuga, reconstructing and modelling Holocene voyaging around the Dampier Archipelago.

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The Dating Murujuga's Rock Art Project (LP190100724) is an Australian Research Council Linkage Project between The University of Western Australia, The University of Melbourne, The University of Wollongong, Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation, Rio Tinto and Woodside. 


Chief Investigators

Lead Chief Investigator


Jo McDonald

Rock Art, Archaeology

Jo McDonald_edited.jpg

Chief Investigator


Janet Hergt


Janet Hergt_The Conversation.jpg

Chief Investigator

Dr Mick O'Leary

Coastal Geomorphology

Mick Oleary_Reef Ecology.jpg

Chief Investigator

Dr Matthias Leopold

Soil Science, Geomorphology

Matthias Leopold_UWA Profile.jfif

Chief Investigator


Malcolm McCulloch

Environmental Marine Science

Malcolm McCulloch_UWA Profile.jfif

Chief Investigator


Zenobia Jacobs

Geoarchaeology, OSL


Chief Investigator

Associate Professor

Ian Goodwin

Climatology, Coastal Oceanography

Ian Goodwin_head shot.jpg

Chief Investigator

Dr Pauline Grierson

Hydrology, Ecology

Pauline Grierson_UWA Profile.jfif

Chief Investigator

Dr Grzegorz Skrzypek

Stable Isotope Hydrochemistry

Grzegorz Skrzypek_UWA Profile.jfif

Partner Investigators

Partner Investigator

Mr Peter Jeffries

Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation

Peter Jeffries_ABC.jpg

Partner Investigator

Adjunct Professor

Shawan Dogramaci

Rio Tinto

Shawan Dogramaci - Headshot.jpg

Partner Investigator

Dr Ken Mulvaney

Rio Tinto

Ken Mulvaney_Rio Tinto.jpg

Partner Investigator

Adjunct Professor

Luke Smith


Luke Smith_UWA Profile.jpg

Post Doctoral Researchers

Post Doctorate

Dr Luke Gliganic

Geoarchaeology, Luminescence Dating


Post Doctorate

Dr Aleksey Sadekov

Mass spectrometry, U-series Desert Varnish

Alexsey Sadekov.jfif

Post Doctorate

Dr Caroline Mather

Carbonate Geochemistry

Caroline Mathers.jfif