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Histories of Australian Rock Art Research

Today, a significant publication was published for all interested in Australian Aboriginal rock art: Histories of Australian Rock Art Research. The book, which encompasses 306 pages, presents 14 case studies of historical research topics from well-renownec researchers from all over Australia. From regional studies of rock art research in western Arnhem Land (Taçon), the Kimberley (Goldhahn et al.), Murujuga (Mulvaney) in the Pilbara, the central Dessert (Ross and Smith), and the Laura region in Queensland (Cole), we are also fortuned to learn more about researchers such as Fred McCarthy and Charles Mountford and their understanding of the style concept (Clarke et al.), Peter Worsley's research on Groote Eylandt (Fredrick and Clarke), and the contribution of the 'Sydney rock art school' (McDonald).

In addition to these contributions, two chapters discuss rock art management from a historical perspective (Marshall et al., and Gunn and Goodes), and another discusses the artist Percy Leason's theories on cave art (Lowish). A crucial chapter highlights female researchers' contribution and significant impact on Australian rock art research (Ouzman and Smith). We also learn about Australian researchers' contribution to rock art research in Southeast Asia and Micronesia (Jalandoni).

The volume is skillfully edited by several distinguished individuals: Professor Paul Taçon (Griffith University), Associate Professor Sally K. May (Adelaide University), Professor Jo McDonald (University of Western Australia) and Dr Urusla Fredricks (Australian National University).

It's a must-read, and you can order a copy of this book or download it for free on the home page of ANU Press. Follow this link:

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