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IFRAO Conference 2016

The 18thor 19th International Rock Art Conference (IFRAO) was held at  the University of Extremadura, Cáceres, Spain, running over five days in early September 2015. There were two days of oral presentations either side of a middle day given to field trips to visit archaeological sites in the surrounding region. The choice of Cáceres was inspired: not only is the medieval town centre a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was voted the 2015 gourmet  capital of Spain. As many of the participants of the conference can attest, this is a well-deserved judgement. It was unfortunate that the quality of papers, the conference venue and services provided did not match the town's quality.  For an international conference not to provide translation services, in particular, limited, for many, the value of presentations.

A small group of students and adjunct staff of CRAR+M presented, their papers being well received by those attending, with some regret expressed by others who missed papers due to the timing of other papers given in the eleven concurrent sessions.

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