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Kimberley Visions Update 2018

Kimberley Visions has completed three field seasons (2016-2018), and is now halfway through the project timeline, with a cumulative 145 fieldwork days (including 401 Traditional Owner days) on country. The project has recorded 1,087 rock art sites, excavated 11 of these, and amassed a database of 67,000 high resolution photographs, in addition to GIS and FileMaker records. These data will allow us to begin answering some of the key research questions posed by the Project.

Fieldwork in 2018 focussed on the Drysdale and King George River catchments,  exploring spatial patterns in different environmental locales. One major ‘hot-spot’ rich in rock art and other archaeological material was identified. The team is currently, working in this hot-spot with excavations and detailed rock art recording continuing at key sites. Community-based fieldwork is scheduled out of McGowan’s Beach/Kalumburu in July.

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