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Murujuga: Dynamics of the Dreaming Conclusion

TheMurujuga: Dynamics of the Dreaming ARC Linkage Projectended in 2018, with lab work being completed under the supervision of Dr Joe Dortch, the final data audit by Sarah de Koning and mapping done by Emma Beckett.

With field trips over three years involving researchers, project staff, UWA and Rio Tinto volunteers, a total of 283 sites; 7,702 panels and 14,854 motifs were recorded during the first comprehensive survey of Rosemary, Enderby and West Lewis Islands.  Fifteen excavations were also completed.

Work is still in progress with Murujuga CEO and senior lore man Peter Jeffreys (facilitated by CRAR+M's Sarah de Koning) to establish protocols to assign appropriate cultural clearances for all rock art imagery (>64,000 images) recorded during the Project.  This will ensure that data repatriation is both culturally safe and useful for management purposes.  

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