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Rock Art Network Virtual Meeting

The Rock Art network met this week in two Zoom meetings that accommodated the fact that our members are spread across multiple time zones! The main goal of our meeting was to check in and make sure that everyone was safe and well – in their respective isolations… and there were some amazing stories of rapid removal of field teams (from the tombs of Luxor; and from the depths of Patagonia) in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Indian Pacific Rim (Africa, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, LA) Zoom Meeting

The Rock Art Network was established by the Getty Conservation Institute comprises individuals and institutions committed to the promotion, protection and conservation of rock art globally.

Rest of the World (North and South America and Europe) Zoom Meeting!

Many field campaigns are on hold as most countries have social-distancing rules. In Australia, remote Aboriginal communities are protected by stringent regional travel bans, and fieldwork is unlikely to recommence until these bans are lifted. All members talked about the effects that isolation was having on their lives; but there was inspiration to be had for hearing of local actions that many were still able to achieve in their respective areas. Several conferences which had specific rock art management themes this year (SAA’s Austin - April; ICOMOS GA2020 – Sydney – October) have been cancelled, our members continue to write and produce content for the research, management and education about the world’s rock art.

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