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Arid Zone Rock Art Update 2018

Work also continued in the Volcanic Tablelands with the aim of contextualising rock art production. With colleagues Mark Basgall (CSU Sacramento), Greg Haverstock (BLM) and Tom Origer (Tom Origer & Associates), we have collected debitage at rock art sites, aimed at using obsidian hydration of tool stone. We aim to use these dates as ‘time-series data’ for limited production rock-art episodes. This fieldwork coincided with the last fieldwork being undertaken by Lucia Clayton (CRAR+M PhD candidate). Lucia is examining how the rock art of the Volcanic Tablelands varies across space and though time.

At the end of 2018, Jo presented in the plenary session at the Great Basin Anthropological Conference, held in Salt Lake City. This paper detailed the overall results of the fellowship project and argued for a re-integration of rock art into the broader Great Basin archaeological discourse.

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